The Ideal Cut Overview

Our Ideal cut diamonds exhibit the hearts and arrows pattern as evidence of the care that was taken to make these diamonds perfect. We offer the most beautiful Ideal diamonds in square, cushion and round shapes.


The eight arrows radiate out from the center and a perfect circle of hearts indicates that every facet aligns to captivate the eye and magnify the diamond’s beauty.

Hearts and Arrows

When every facet is perfectly placed to reflect light… and every sparkle is a reminder to reflect light… and every sparkle is a reminder of the promises that make up our lives.

When viewed through our scope, you can see the symmetrical alignment of the 68 facets by showing eight distinctive arrows when the diamond is viewed from the topside.

When viewed from the bottom side, the scope allows you to see the same optical symmetry by showing 8 distinctive hearts.

When combined, the symmetry of this diamond makes for an ideal cut never seen before.

The Cut

To maximize sparkle, a diamond must be cut to very specific parameters for angle and dimension with strict attention to the polished finish of the diamond.